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An Assortment of High-Quality Vehicle Services in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex

Having your car regularly checked over is sure to maintain its efficiency and longevity. At Bell Servicing Ltd, in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, we offer an array of proficient vehicle services such as engine diagnostics. Bring your car into our reputable garage so that our skilled mechanics are able to give it a through once over.

Cambelts and Water Pumps

Although we recommend having these changed every 70,000 miles, this does vary on the make and model of car. Offering a full replacement when necessary, you can rest assured knowing that our warranty is for a year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Timing Chains

When your engine is making a strange noise that you've never heard before, chances are the timing chains may need replacing. As they loosen over time, it makes the engine produce loud sounds.

Engine Work


Many people often don't realise that their clutch is going. When the car revs a lot or lags in power, it often means it's time to start thinking about having a new clutch fitted in your vehicle. As specialists in this field, we know what we're doing when it comes to clutches. What's more, you'll also get a warranty from the manufacturer.


Due to rusting, general wear and tear, or bad joints, exhausts often become broke and start leaking or not passing the emissions. In many MOT tests, cars may fail due to their exhaust being so badly damaged and needing to be changed. Utilising our skills and expertise, we're able to fit modified exhausts onto your vehicle.


When the brake pads on your car become worn and spongy, this may lead to disastrous results if they are not tended to quickly and effectively. Putting our customers' safety first, we offer free brake checks all year round. If you don't have your brake pads done regularly, the wear on the disks will leave you paying more to get this done. In addition to this, we cover ABS systems too.

Springs and Shocks

Many of the roads throughout the UK are known for being uneven and terrible to drive on. When you notice a noise coming from your vehicle and find that your car is not performing as well, we always recommend having your springs and shocks checked over. All of these will be looked at during a full service to make sure your car remains in good condition.

DPF Filters

If your new diesel car has bad fuel or poor design, we offer a clean out service before we look at replacing them. As a full restoration is often quite expensive, we offer a cost-effective solution by aiming to thoroughly clean it out. Only when your filter is too far gone will we replace it.


When you notice the engine light pop up on your car, we have a full, up-to-date system which allows us to identify the problem. Utilising state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to offer accurate diagnostics and quickly rectify the issue. We are also able to turn the service light off on new vehicles when this is still switched on. What's more, we can re-programme new models when required.

Air Conditioning

As we are F-gas ticketed, we are fully certified to work on all aspects of air conditioning replacements and recharging. Although prices start from just £39.99, we will do this free of charge if we discover a leak on the system.

Breakdown Recovery

There's nothing worse than being stranded at the side of the road when your car fails. Offering a breakdown recovery service, our experts will come and get you in your time of need.

Contact us today, in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, to discover more about our vehicle services and engine diagnostics.